Rob Morris

I first started shooting at MCSA in the late 70's shot many different  disciplines and had fun with all. I went in the Marine Corps in the early 80's, and then  was with Stuart Police Department for 5.5 years and worked as an  overseas contractor for most of the 1990s. I've been a RSO for MCSA for several years and have enjoyed working with the professional staff at our club. It seems guns have always been a factor in my life.

David Fischer
Vice President

I am a native Southern Californian as youngster shooting a .22 bolt action but did most of my hunting backpacking with a recurve bow in the mountains & deserts of the west. I spent 4 years in the Army’s 82nd Airborne making 1500+ jumps, many HALO jumps. Spent special duty as range RSNCO at West Point 1976, qualified as a sniper at Fort Bragg NC among other things and places related to shooting. Left the Army spent 8 years in California. Then sailed my boat south and worked my way around the world for 20 years and made landfall in Stuart, Fl 2003 where I am now a solar energy contractor. When I found MCSA I rekindled my love for shooting, took up hand loading & try to participate in as many shooting events as possible. Can’t beat the good people you meet shooting at MCSA. See ya at the range.

Dave Sorel

I am a Navy Vet ( Seabees) from 1965 to 1969. Beside working my regular job, I worked many years part time in several gunshops to feed my shooting passion. I moved to Fl from Connecticut full time in 2011. I love hunting and freshwater fishing. I love working at MCSA and meeting the many  wonderful people who are the Members that make up this great club.

Jim Yelland
Membership Director

Spent my childhood years as an “Army Brat” and have lived all over the world.  Moved to Florida with my bride in 2008 from “Joyze”.  I am an Eagle Scout.  Served in the U.S. Army as an Instructor in Telecommunications.  Retired 33 years in the “Bell System”.  32 Years as a Volunteer Firefighter and Fire Chief.  N.J. State Fire Official.  Shooting all my life and an active “Reloader” to support the habit.  Love to shoot the Steel Plates and our club’s Steel Matches with my Revolvers.  Look for me on Range #3.  I am a Certified Range Safety Officer and invite you to come out and join in the fun!

Glen Gareau

I grew up in South Florida and met my wife at Palm Beach Community College.  We both graduated from the University of Florida and moved to Martin County in 1997. I am an avid angler and enjoy both inshore and offshore fishing.
After attending a steel match at MCSA, I was hooked on the various pistol shooting sports and shoot competitively every week.  In order to compete you need to be able to feed your pistol a steady diet of ammunition it likes, so reloading was next. I have competed in Steel Challenge, IDPA, USPSA, GSSF, Rim Fire Challenge, Cowboy Action, 2 Gun, and 3 Gun matches.  Recently I have taken up the Revolver to shoot Steel Challenge alongside my friends Jim Yelland, David Fischer, and Bubba Glass. It has been a lot of fun competing with a revolver and look forward to growing our “Revolver Posse”…
I previously joined the MCSA board of directors as Secretary on October 7, 2014 to fill a vacancy created by the departure of Bob Harris.  I am a civil engineer, and my first task as an MCSA Board member was to resolve drainage problems in the parking lot and Range 1.  I was the project manager for the re-construction of Range 2 in 2015 (p.k.a. Range 5). With the approval of the Board I started a bowling pin match in July 2015 and ran it for approximately 2 years. I am an NRA certified Range Safety Officer.

Bubba Glass

I'm a 3rd generation martin county  resident. I've been a hunter and a competitive shooter the  majority of my life. I am a MOS  small arms instructor. I’m a certified level one IPSC range officer and a life member of IPSC and NRA. I participate in many different shooting disciplines and reload ammo to support that. I first joined MCSA in the late 70s. I'm one of the members that helped in the beginning development of our range.

Dan Aguilar

I have been a member of MCSA for several years.  I am an Army veteran that served from 1968 to 1972.  I have been shooting since my teens to the present.  Hunted extensively in the Rocky Mountains.  I enjoy all types of shooting.  Am a certified NRA pistol instructor, a certified NRA Range Safety Officer, and a certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer.  When not shooting at MCSA, I am shooting clays at OK Corral or shooting ducks at Lake O.

Neal Chianese

My interest in shooting and firearms safety began at a very early age. As a WWII vet and NYPD my dad felt it imperative that I learn to respect and understand the capabilities of firearms. 
Shooting, then later hunting became a lifelong passion taking us to Africa, Europe, South and Central America, Canada and coast to coast across our great country.
I enjoy shooting and reloading for all types of firearms and calibers. I am an NRA RSO, NRA certified Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home and Muzzleloading Instructor.
I am passionate about teaching and passing on our firearms, hunting and 2nd Amendment heritage to our youth as they are the future of our sport. 
I am especially proud to be part of a group whose primary focus is the continued improvement of our Club, the commitment to Safety and support of the MCSA Members.
I especially enjoy my time as an RSO. It affords me the opportunity to meet more and more fellow members.  Some of the Best people I have met are those who share our passion for the Shooting Sports and Outdoors.