In this issue:
~ General Club News
~ New MCSA Website
~ New Range Officer
~ Range Closures
~ Scheduled Monthly Shooting Events
~ Safety Rules & Reminders
~ 2019 Membership Renewal Program
~ Closing Statement

Currently we have 790 annual memberships
with a total membership of 1154

General Club News

The Board of Directors would like to thank all MCSA members who showed up for the January 19th annual meeting. The great weather allowed us to have the meeting on Range 6. The Board members in attendance each gave a small presentation on what has been done and what is scheduled for 2019. Rob Morris and Dan Aguilar had their terms on the MCSA Board expire.  Both expressed interest in serving another term. As there were no other candidates, both were re-elected to your Board. Rob ran a very efficient meeting and the range was opened for shooting before noon. The swap meet prior to the general meeting was fun. There were some deals to be had.


Thanks to the hard work of member Tom Meehan and Board member Jim Yelland, the club has a new website. It looks great! It will be fine tuned and polished up in the days to come. Check it out at:

New Range Officer

The Board introduced Neal Chianese as our newest MCSA Range Officer.  Neal has been a member for some time now. Be sure to welcome Neal to his new position when you see him at the range! He will be filling in for other Range Officers during vacations, sick days, competition days, etc.

Range Closures

Currently there are NO Range closures. The repair work of the backstop steel on Range 4 is complete. Thanks to the hard work of our welder and Board member Bubba Glass, Range 4 was only closed for 2 days. Thank You!!!!!!
The Board will be taking a look at the range to address future improvements including Range 5, the 100 yards rifle range.

Scheduled Monthly Shooting Events

Bulls-eye Shoot is scheduled for the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. on Range 1.
Steel Shoot is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8:00 a.m. on Range 2.
The Board will be discussing the start of a Bowling Pin Shoot in the near future.

Safety Rules & Reminders

Bump Stocks & Binary Triggers are NOT ALLOWED at MCSA.

RO’s have noticed an increase in members not displaying proper muzzle control. Proper muzzle control is keeping the muzzle pointed downrange at ALL times.

Please remember that smoking of any type is NOT ALLOWED at the firing line.

Firearms are to be uncased or cased AT the firing line when the range is HOT. Uncasing a firearm BEHIND the firing line and bringing the firearm to the firing line is NOT ALLOWED. We want to keep our club safe and friendly for everyone.

2019 Membership Renewals Program

Most of our members have renewed their 2019 memberships. The project was completed on January 19th at the meeting. The cut-off date has come and gone.  Anyone renewing their membership now will be charged a $20.00 late fee. The Board would like to thank all those that renewed as it has given the club new funds to improve your club and pay bills.

Closing Statement

The Board of Directors hope that you will like the start of quarterly newsletters to keep you more informed about your club. Please let us know if you have any suggestions, etc. by talking with Dan Aguilar when you are at the range. Next newsletter will be posted April 1, 2019.