In this issue:
~ General Club News
~ New MCSA Website
~ Range Closures
~ Scheduled Monthly Shooting Events
~ Safety Rules & Reminders
~ Closing Statement

General Club News

If you have been to the range lately, you have noticed that there has been a lot of construction and other activities.  It is a busy time for your MCSA.  AND it is going to continue.
Since the January meeting, the MCSA Board of Directors have been hard at work making improvements to the property.  Some of the completed projects are:

1. Fencing of the property has been moved and improved.  This will allow more parking for our members.

2. Trees and brush around Range 5 berms have been trimmed for easier access.

3. Road millings have been placed down onto our driveway, parking lot, and future trailer space.  The future trailer space has been graded and ready.  If you are wondering what the green “sculpture” in the front of the club is, it is a septic tank from the days of the Sheriff’s sharing the range.

4. Work on Range 5 improvements has begun.  We know that the 100 yard impact area is not perfect at this time.  Make sure that your shooting bench can see your target.  Some lanes are not lined up.  This is temporary.  Thanks for your patience.  Work will continue on Range 5 beginning the first week of April.  Expect some range closures to come.  Range 6 will be open for rifle shooting when Range 5 needs to be closed.  Our plan is to keep the time of any range closure to the shortest time possible and with the greatest amount of safety for all.  We will be sending out e-mail blasts as soon as we know the schedule of our contractors.

Our new gate became operational on Thursday afternoon, March 28th.  Feedback from members has been extremely positive.  If you have not been to the range, the system is very easy to use.  When you arrive at the range, you will see a post on the left side of the road several feet from the gate.  That has a keypad on it.  Put in the SAME code that the old gate required.  The gate will open to the left.  You will have 25 seconds to proceed into the parking lot.  The gate will close automatically.  When you want to leave the range, proceed to the gate.  The gate will open automatically and close after you drive away.  If have any problems, just ask for assistance from the on-duty Range Officer.

New MCSA Website

Our new website has been online for several weeks now.  If you have not visited our website, check it out at:

Range Closures

Currently there are NO Range closures.  HOWEVER, as mentioned in the General Club News section, Range 5 improvements have begun.  There will be closures of Range 5.  When we have dates or times, we will notify members.  If you have any questions on the day you are planning to use Range 5, call the range to make sure it is open.

Scheduled Monthly Shooting Events

Bulls-eye Shoot is scheduled for the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. on Range 1.
Steel Shoot is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8:00 a.m. on Range 2.
The Board will be discussing the start of a Bowling Pin Shoot in the near future.

Safety Rules & Reminders

Our range is a safe range.  In order to keep the range a safe place to shoot, we will continue to address trends or concerns that Range Officers see and deal with daily.
RO’s have noticed an increase in members not displaying proper muzzle control.  Proper muzzle control is keeping the muzzle pointed downrange at ALL times.
Firearms are to be uncased or cased AT the firing line when the range is HOT.  Uncasing a firearm BEHIND the firing line and bringing the firearm to the firing line is NOT ALLOWED.
Remember to sign-in at both Range5 and Range 6.
MCSA is your range.  If you see something that is not safe or not allowed, say something.  If you are not comfortable in discussing a situation with a fellow member, contact the on-duty Range Officer and let them deal with it. 
We want to keep our club safe and friendly for everyone.

Closing Statement

The Board of Directors hope that you enjoy the quarterly newsletters to keep you more informed about your club.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions, etc. by talking with Dan Aguilar when you are at the range.  Our next newsletter will be posted July 2019.