The Martin County Sportsmen’s Association Inc. (MCSA) is located in Palm City, Florida. We maintain many important Affiliations within the Firearms Community.  MCSA is a private gun club formed in 1978 to provide and operate a safe facility to learn firearm handling, operation, target practice, and marksmanship.  It is the further objective of MCSA to encourage the development of good moral character, honesty, fellowship, self-discipline, service, and self-reliance among our membership; all being essential aspects of good sportsmanship and the foundation of good citizenship. Firearm safety is of the utmost importance and the guiding principle of all things at MCSA. With firearm safety as a founding principle we welcome your entire family to Martin County Sportsmen's Association.

Target shooting is for everyone

Whether youth, adult, or senior, shooting is a lifetime sport. Male or female, shooting emphasizes "equal opportunity" skills. For able-bodied and disabled alike, shooting sports are accessible.

Target shooting has a safety record unsurpassed by other sports

As a participant in the recreational shooting sports, you will join millions of other Americans who, like you, enjoy the thrill and challenge of shooting. The privilege of shooting also carries certain responsibilities, to other participants, as well as to our shared shooting heritage. Safety is one of them, ethical conduct is another. Shooting is among the safest of all sports. However, safety should never be taken for granted when firearms are involved. No trophy, no score, no competition is worth an injury to yourself or others. Safety is your first and foremost responsibility.

The MCSA provides a safe and enjoyable shooting environment

Today, the shooting sports have more to offer than ever before, from plinking to Olympic competition. Become a good ambassador of shooting. Have fun participating in the shooting sports by becoming a member of the Martin County Sportsmen’s Association.

Here are some features and benefits of membership in the MCSA.

We maintain a Family Friendly environment with many fun activities throughout the year.

Personal safety is emphasized at the MCSA.

Our Annual Membership Fee for Individuals is $250.00, or for a Family is $300.00.

We have six ranges, with the addition of a seventh coming soon, with target distances from 3 feet to 100 yards, all with covered shooting positions for rifle, handgun and pistol caliber carbines. We also offer one archery range. [

Our range hours are 8am - 5pm Tuesday through Sunday, 1pm - 5pm on Monday. The range is closed only on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter.

We have an extensive security system throughout our facilities with cameras on each range.

All of our Range Safety Officers are NRA Certified.

The MCSA is ADA compliant.   

The NRA has awarded the MCSA with the coveted Gold Medal Award for eight years.